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International Forum on Cultural Spaces in Kigali

In March this year Rwanda Arts Initiative (RAI) in collaboration with BOZAR (B) and AAmatters organised the International Forum on Cultural Spaces in Kigali, Rwanda.

The forum brought together local cultural, public and private sectors as well as international experts and representatives from cultural spaces in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, DRC and more, to discuss an action plan to improve the cultural infrastructure in Kigali and Rwanda, at large.

In connection with the forum and for further inspiration, an international student workshop was organised to develop adaptive reuse proposals for the Kigali Central Prison and the Ecole Belge. Both sites have recently been abandoned and are in perfect locations for multi-purpose cultural spaces. Students from the University of Rwanda, Uganda Martyrs University and the University of Cape Town worked day and night to feed the discussions with their bright ideas.

As a follow up to the forum RAI is currently working together with AAmatters and Laura Nsengiyumva on the mapping of cultural spaces in Kigali. A publication on the event and mapping will be available in 2020.

The Innovation Village in Kigali compiled an insightful video on the event, which you can watch here.

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