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AAmatters online library

Over the years AAmatters has published on a regular basis and contributed to a number of publications, books and videos.  

In our online library you will find newsletters developed with ArchiAfrika in the period 2010-2012, articles written for a number of magazines and journals as well as publications, reports and videos related to projects. See also the project pages for material that is project related, but not published by AAmatters. 

We support sharing of knowledge. You are welcome to download and use the documents presented. Please bear in mind the Creative Commons copyright licensing that we have adopted. If you use our material, we expect you to make reference to the source. If you are interested in specific material or information at high resolution don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

In case you believe that AAmatters doesn’t have the right to present the shown material online, please contact us so we can take measures accordingly.

We also have a physical library in our office, you are welcome to visit us and consult the books on site.


A MANIFESTO FOR Community Driven Processes for Climate Responsive DESIGN

Kigali - Proceedings of a conference on Community Driven Processes for Climate Responsive Design 15th - 16th February 2023


aa newsletter 1001

Maputo - NewsletterJanuary 2010

aa newsletter 1004

The Magic Game - Newsletter July 2010

aa newsletter 1007

The Magic Game - Newsletter July 2010

aa newsletter 1009

This is Lagos - Newsletter September 2010

aa newsletter 1012

Competitions - Newsletter December 2010

aa newsletter 1101

Special Edition: African Perspectives Conference - Call for Papers - 2011

aa newsletter 1103

Douala: Intertwined Architectures - March 2011

aa newsletter 1106

Blueprints of Paradise - June 2011

aa newsletter 1112

National Museum of Ghana - December 2011

aa newsletter 1204

ANZA - April 2012

aa newsletter 1207

Maghreb in Motion - July 2012

The Beeker Method

Planning and Working on the Redevelopment of the African City

Finding Stories

The role of immaterial culture in city planning

Report from the Symposium

Ng'ambo Atlas


17th IPHS Conference

Ng'ambo tuitakayo: Reconnecting the Swahili city

Planning and Replanning Ng'ambo Zanzibar


Modern Africa - Tropical Architecture


MichenzanI, Häusermeer und Plattenbauten


Sansibar - Stadt

main theme

Part D - Urban Planning

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