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aam joining pcf mobile lab in EGYPT

AAMatters will be a part of the Mobile Lab Egypt taking place in Cairo. It is a four-day long programme co-curated by May al-Ibrashy, Megawra—Built Environment Collective & Prince Claus Fund, featuring a symposium on the built environment in the context of Africa, visits to cultural sites, an exhibition, workshops and lectures at Tahrir Cultural Centre with cultural practitioners from various disciplines.

AAMatters will participate in the public symposium "Rethinking the Built Environment in the African Context: Ethics, Methods and Interdisciplinarity'' taking its cue from the ideas on built environment, education and interdisciplinarity developed by Tahayyuz (an alliance formed by Megawra, 10 Tooba, and Mansour for Architecture and Conservation) and will host a workshop "Mapping Revisited: a critical look at mapping as a methodology for integrated urban development". Both events are open to the public. For more information see:

Mobile Lab Egypt Public Symposium, 16th of September 2023

Mobile Lab Egypt Workshops, 18th of September 2023


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