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It happens here! - podcast series available online

In a new podcast series ‘It happens here’, initiators, experts and facilitators explore in conversation to what extent ‘places’ can change the city. The conversations touch upon ideals and disappointments, support systems and challenges, money and municipality. But mostly, they’re about the fact that things can be done differently: spontaneously, experimentally, and together.

In the third episode Marie Morel (AAM), Jessica Dikmoet and Nadia Tillon (Imagine IC) discuss how stories can - or should- change urban development. From Amsterdam to Zanzibar, they have captured stories of residents that showed the relevance of buildings and spaces that - at first glance - might seem aesthetically irrelevant for a professional designer or planner.

AAM captured the stories of residents of Ng'ambo that were translated into recommendations for the spatial plan and eventually into the Ng'ambo Atlas Imagine IC unraveled the meaning of an old parking garage for many residents in the South East of Amsterdam that convinced the city of Amsterdam to give residents a voice in the renewal plans.

Although in very different locations, the contributors of this episode agree on the need for more diversity in - and equality of - perspectives on heritage. With these different perspectives integrated in urban plans for the future, residents will feel more engaged in the making of their neighborhoods and (re)gain a sense of ownership.

The podcast series consists of five episodes and you can listen to all of them by following this link:

P.S Unfortunately only in Dutch.

The podcast is a part of the postponed exhibition It happens here.


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