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With a year’s delay the exhibition ‘It happens here’ finally opens its doors to the public

Can you plan do-it-yourself culture? How do you design a street with the entire neighbourhood? And how do you renew a city without losing the old one? Discover how to make a city together at ‘It happens here.’.

’It happens here.’ is a 30-day long manifestation that celebrates initiative, experiment and interaction in urban planning. With an exhibition and a diverse programme in the monumental Amstelkerk in Amsterdam.

Discover how citizens, pioneers, countercultures, architects and city planners are making the new city together. By giving space to self-building and unplanned renewal and by recognising the value of what is originally there, inhabitants remain owners of ‘their’ city.

’It happens here.’ is an initiative of Stadsherstel Amsterdam, African Architecture Matters, Space&Matter, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the City of Amsterdam.

The space between the beaten tracks is where it happens. Come by and wander through the stories of the collective city.

An important part of the exhibition includes the presentation of the Ng’ambo Atlas, that has been developed by the Government of Zanzibar and AAmatters, and presents the results of the collaboration between Zanzibar, Amsterdam, UNESCO and AAmatters. The Ng’ambo Atlas exhibition was also presented in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam at the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in 2019.