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Ng’ambo Housing Action Plan brings heritage based urban regeneration closer

From 9-11 April, The Government of Zanzibar, the Zanzibar Social Security Fund and African Architecture Matters organised a dynamic and successful workshop in Reclaim Women Space in Stone Town. This resulted in the Ng’ambo Housing Action Plan, which was presented to the community of Kisimamajongoo and Kisiwandui on Saturday 11 April.

The workshop focussed on affordable and accessible housing in the densifying neigbourhood of Ng’ambo while respecting its tangible and intangible heritage. The residents of Ng’ambo, of which a majority of low-income groups, are the bearers and beholders of the intangible heritage of the area. Consequently affordable housing is essential to maintain intangible heritage in Ng’ambo. According to the newly adopted Master Plan, Ng’ambo will become the centre of Zanzibar Metropolis. Densification of Zanzibar Town is identified as strategy against further urban sprawl in the recently produced planning documents. Moreover, it gains opportunities to invest in infrastructure and public space within the area.

The workshop brought together local and international expertise,