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Africa and the Academy in the 21st Century - An interactive multi-disciplinary conversation - Basel,

25 years ago, the conference and landmark publication ‘Africa and the Disciplines’ reflected upon Africa’s position in relation to selected academic disciplines, questioning its apparent marginal position within them and highlighting continent’s contribution to the emergence of new subjects and ideas in the respective fields.

The Centre for African Studies of the University of Basel decided the time was ripe to look at the matter again to find out what new insights have emerged in the fields since the seminal conference. This will be done during a two day long conference including four, interactive and interdisciplinary, plenary sessions with ‘paired conversations’ between two scholars from a particular discipline.

We are honoured to take part in the event through Berend van der Lans’ contribution to the conversation on Urban Studies.

Please find more information on the event and registration in the Programme.

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