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Centring Africa: Postcolonial Perspectives on Architecture | CCA

The Canadian Centre for Architecture has shortlisted sixteen applicants from which eight will be selected for the Mellon Research Project on “Centring Africa: Postcolonial Perspectives on Architecture,” catalysed by the AAM archives donated to CCA in 2016.

We are happy to see that the collections of Georg Lippsmeier, Coen Beeker and Kiran Mukerji, previously under the custodianship of AAMatters in Utrecht, will reach a broader audience and contribute to the ongoing research on development of architecture in sub-Saharan African countries after independence.

The material was originally donated to Antoni Folkers who as a student worked in the 1980s with Coen Beeker in Ouagadougou and later in the 1990s with Lippsmeier and Mukerji in Dar es Salaam.

We wish all the shortlisted candidates a lot of success!

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