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Five Years AAmatters - this is what our partners say:

After five years of hard work, we looked back over our shoulders and realised it was time for a newsletter to give you all an update on where we are. We asked our partners for a few words about us, but this is what they said:

N'Goné Fall - Curator, art critic and policy advisor, trained as an architect (Senegal / France):

‘My first contact with AAmatters was for their Blueprints of Paradise project. It was a challenging and inspiring architecture contest ‎looking at how to better live in African cities. They invited young African architects, designers and artists to rethink and envision the concept of African cities from a creative, innovative and economic point of view. The second project I saw was their collaboration with the architecture college in Dakar, Senegal. Students were asked to propose architectural and design solutions to transform the railway central station in Amsterdam into a more friendly human contact oriented place. Whether it is urban and architecture projects or series of conferences and symposiums, AAmatters ‎ has proven to be a critical and cutting-edge organization that truly impacts theory, discourse