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Hifadhi Zanzibar presents in Amsterdam!

Hifadhi Zanzibar can be seen as an innovative start-up in heritage management in Zanzibar. The innovative model forms the basis of Stadsherstel Amsterdam since 1956 and overseas it is embraced as opportunity to find a new future for threatened heritage. Stadsherstel and Hifadhi, in which AAmatters plays a pivoting role, present in the Stadslicht (city light) lecture series in Pakhuis De Zwijger:

City Trip – Zanzibar Town, Tanzania Wednesday 27 January 2016, 18:00 – 19:00hr. Pakhuis De Zwijger – Workspace Piet Heinkade 179 1019 HC Amsterdam

Stadsherstel Amsterdam works closely together with the Government of Zanzibar to safeguard heritage and monumental buildings. In Zanzibar, Stone Town is earmarked as UNESCO World Heritage Site, just like the Canal Zone in Amsterdam.

However, the governmental ability to financially support heritage maintenance and management is very limited. The local government recognised the model of Stadsherstel as a chance to involve the private sector in heritage management. The local investors were easily convinced, because they realised that Stone Town is a unique asset, attracting tourists to Zanzibar, while tourism is the most important driver for development. If Stone Town loses its appeal, competition with other beach destinations will become harder and economic development will be tempered.

Mid 2015 Hifadhi Zanzibar was established and currently the first projects are being prepared. In Amsterdam there is an intensive collaboration between the municipality and Stadsherstel in cases of urban regeneration. This is also the case in Zanzibar, where the government is collaborating with Hifadhi in unprotected but historically rich Ng’ambo – the ‘Jordaan’ of Zanzibar - to acquire property at strategic locations for restoration and renting out, to save this area for unrestrained private development.

Paul Morel is senior project manager at Stadsherstel, who has been involved in safeguarding many characteristic buildings in Amsterdam. He will explain how Stadsherstel works, the interest from abroad in the private company with a public goal and specifically about the collaboration with Zanzibar.

Dr. Muhammad Juma is initiator of the collaboration between Zanzibar and Amsterdam and director of the Department of Urban and Rural Planning.

Maryam Mansab is office manager of Hifadhi Zanzibar, the pendant of Stadsherstel. Juma and Mansab will share their experience with Stadsherstel, how the collaboration is perceived, the importance for the built heritage in Zanzibar and where Hifadhi is at the moment.

You are welcome to join the presentation. Entrance is free, but please register beforehand via the ‘reserveer’ button. The lecture will be in English.

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