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After Amsterdam, Paramaribo, Zanzibar now Dar?

During the coming weekend, the Dar Heritage Days will be organised in the largest city of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. It is also ranked the fasted growing city on the African continent. Without policies or activism Dar’s precious heritage is doomed. This is what DARCH, the Dar Centre for Architectural Heritage, is putting on the agenda.

DARCH organises a public forum on Friday 25th September to discuss the role of heritage in the city and the meaning it has for the future. Not so far from Dar, to be precisely in Zanzibar, the private sector has understood the role of heritage and has started Hifadhi Zanzibar, modeled after Stadsherstel Amsterdam. Hifadhi is recently registered and is now preparing its first acquisitions, assisted by Stadsherstel and AAmatters.

Hifadhi’s office manager Maryam Mansab will present the lessons learned in Zanzibar and Amsterdam during the public forum, organised in the auditorium at the National Museum. Entrance free so please join and see for yourself if Dar would be able to follow! Check DARCH facebookpage for details.