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Private sector involvement in heritage protection, also in Accra?

The hall of the Children’s Library (photo BvdL)

From 25-27 February this year, the Children’s Library in the centre of Accra formed the nucleus of ‘Accra Revisited’, an event with presentations, debates and workshops that brought together a group of visionary thinkers in architecture and urban space from West Africa. Also present were students from the Berlage Institute from Delft and a group of Dutch consultants and architects in an attempt to identify common grounds and fields of operation.

For the Berlage students, the event was an insightful introduction for their commencing studio work, aiming at developing proposals for three nodes in Accra’s urban fabric. The urban challenges were not only debated by architects and urban planners. Also finance, mobility, education, design, marketing, the social and other sectors were represented, offering multiple dimensions and perspectives on Accra and the way it is developing.<