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Hifadhi Zanzibar welcomes Dutch Minister of Trade and Development Liliane Ploumen

Hifadhi team member Hassan Ali Juma and Director of the Department of Urban and Rural Planning Muhammad Juma are accompanying Dutch Minister of Trade and Development Liliane Ploumen in Stone Town (photo Daniel Hayduk)

Heritage constitutes an important source of identity and cohesion for communities. Well maintained heritage offers a physical testimony of its past, but it also serves as a precious resource for social and economic development. This is what the founders – representatives of a couple of large companies - of Stadsherstel Amsterdam NV had in mind, when establishing the Limited Liability Company in 1956. Stadsherstel had an important role in maintaining the historic character of Amsterdam over the years. This example will now be followed by Hifadhi Zanzibar (Preserve Zanzibar), a Limited Liability Company that will soon be established to acquire, restore, rent out and maintain historically valuable buildings in Stone Town and other urban areas in Zanzibar. The shareholders, a majority being local investors, will receive a moderate dividend, so the remainder of the profit can be re-invested. Hifadhi Zanzibar will be instrumental in keeping Stone Town and other parts of Zanzibar vital, ultimately developing it into a healthy social and economic urban environment. Representatives from the local private and public sector work together to realise Hifadhi Zanzibar, with assistance of Stadsherstel Amsterdam, City of Amsterdam. AAmatters is facilitating the process through project manager Berend van der Lans. The establishment is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tanzania.

On 20 February 2014, as part of a Dutch trade mission, the Dutch Minister of Trade and Development landed on Zanzibar and was toured through Stone Town, Ng'ambo and Mtoni Palace by Hifadhi Zanzibar. Some potential Hifadhi projects were visited, as well as Mrembo Spa, a socio-economical initiative that could well be a tenant of Hifadhi in the future. Mtoni Palace was visited as a successful private public partnership and exemplary case of development through conservation of heritage. See impressions of the visit below.

Liliane Ploumen in Mrembo Spa with Jane Ackermann (Mrembo) and Berend van der Lans (photo Daniel Hayduk)

Stop over in Kisimamajongoo, Ng'ambo.

‘Sultan Saidi’ leads the Minister through the rich history of Mtoni Palace (photo Daniel Hayduk)

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