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African Perspectives 2011 starting very soon

African Perspectives 2011 in Casablanca is about to start. The 5th conference of ArchiAfrika, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, is again going to be special. From 3 to 5 November an international crowd will gather and visit places in Morocco’s largest city for lectures, debates, exhibitions, films and more on ‘the African Metropolis’. Many countries in Africa but also from elsewhere in the world are represented. Find the programme – with Saskia Sassen, Farrokh Derakhshani, Iain Low, Abderrahim Kassou, Jord den Hollander, Ola Uduku, Tom Avermaete, Joe Osae-Addo, Antoni Folkers and many others - on

We are confident that we can organize streaming of at least part of the African Perspectives event. Keep an eye at if you want to be with us over long distance!