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Workshop and exhibition ‘Stars of Dar’ and symposium 'Global City – Local Identity?’ – Dar es Sa

… the meaning of architecture and planning for everyday life, based upon interviews with key persons in Dar es Salaam society and street interviews …

Dar es Salaam is a vital and vibrant city, the pumping heart of the country. It accommodates millions of people, all together to work, learn and live. Every corner of the country is represented and due to globalization also almost all other parts of the world.

Living together with so many people from different backgrounds and lifestyles does create it challenges and problems, but it certainly also creates opportunities. To accommodate all this, there are the city infrastructure and the buildings, from housing, schools, offices, factories, shops, shopping malls, restaurants and hotels to informal structures and sheds. Public spaces like markets, parks, squares and bus stations play an important role in the organization of the city.

The symposium ‘Global city – local identity?’ will focus upon Dar es Salaam in the global perspective and is organised by the Goethe Institute and the Architects Association of Tanzania.

It provides a valuable platform for staging the exhibition ’Stars of Dar’, introducing an overview of the city’s best architecture and public spaces and the opinions on these by key members of the Dar es Salaam society.

The exhibition, organised by the Architects Association of Tanzania, ARDHI University and African Architecture Matters, will enhance the debate on the quality of spaces and buildings and the meaning planning and architecture has for everyday city life.

Ten architects and ten public personalities from Dar es Salaam will present their favourite and/or remarkable buildings and will motivate their choice. Next to this, also the public will be heard through street interviews at 3 public spaces.

These components will be presented in an exhibition, developed and built by students of ARDHI University. The opening of the exhibition will be combined with a debate on the importance of public spaces and buildings and meaning for daily city life in Dar es Salaam.

The exhibition will be shown during the conference and after that in an exhibition space for a period of 2 weeks.

Media training by Daladala TV during the workshop

The workshop can be followed via The blog will also present the end results which can later be used for developing an architectural map of Dar es Salaam.

More info on the symposium and related activities like the production of an architectural journal by a group of young architects and students with help from Camenzind can be found via

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