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In the context of the 4th EU-Africa Summit that took place in Brussels on 2 and 3 April 2014, a group of around 40 leading specialists and thinkers from international organisations, pan-African organisations, academia, civil society and the private and public sector gathered in the BOZAR building in the afternoon of 3 April, to discuss what route the EU-Africa collaboration could follow to stimulate inclusive development in the African urban reality.

The round table was Initiated by BOZAR, in collaboration with UN Habitat and EuropeAid. It can be seen as a next step following the ‘Art and Architecture at Work’ project that took place in the previous years in several major cities in Africa under the umbrella of BOZAR.  

ArchiAfrika and AAmatters contributed to the programme by bringing in key nodes of their network. Joe Addo (ArchiAfrika) and Berend van der Lans (AAmatters) were leading round-table sessions together with Lesley Lokko and Sylvain Haon. 

The results of the discussions were presented to the Chairman of the Eurpean Commission, Mr. José Manuel Barroso in a conclusive meeting.

A compilation of contributions from the Art and Architecture at Work project, of which some were produced by AAmatters, was bundled in the publication Visionary Urban Africa.

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