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Abattoir Casablanca




2012 - 2014

AAmatters team

Berend van der Lans


City of Casablanca

City of Amsterdam


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As part of a common programme between the cities of Casablanca – Morocco – and Amsterdam, a book was published that highlights the Casablanca Abattoir’s architecture and the socio-cultural programme that was developed since the factory was closed in 2002.


Inspired by examples from Amsterdam, like Westergasfabriek, NDSM wharf and others, the 2 cities worked together on a programme that developed the Abattoirs into a ‘Fabrique Culturelle’ that aimed to be an incubator for a more permanent use.


AAmatters was member of the editing team and contributed to the publication with a research and text on similar examples from elsewhere in Africa and beyond.

On 26 March 2014, the Cities of Casablanca and Amsterdam, together with Casamemoire, presented ‘L'Batwar - Story of a Transformation’ in the former abattoirs in Morocco’s largest city. The book portraits the history of the architecturally fascinating municipal slaughterhouses, situated between the city centre and the neighbourhood Hay Mohammadi. 


Many factory workers and their families were living in this neighbourhood with a strong social cohesion, where political resistance lead to several large protests in the past. After the factory closed its doors in the beginning of the century, the strategic position in the city and its exceptional architectural beauty gave rise to thoughts of converting the complex into a driver for development of the area. Since 2009, a group of around 15 socio-cultural organisations make use of the spaces and developed a programme as 'Fabrique Culturelle’, involving also many inhabitants and their children. 


It is time to diverge towards a more definite mode of use, allowing the architectural beauty of the abattoirs to shine again. The book gives a colourful insight of the past of the buildings, its formal use and its more informal socio-cultural function in the recent years through texts, images and drawings. Possible ways forward are reflected via examples of successful conversions from similar complexes elsewhere in the world. 


The book, a common effort of the cities of Casablanca and Amsterdam as a vector of their International Collaborative programme, is coordinated by Abderrahim Kassou, with Maria Daif as publication director. The graphic design is from Rudy Guedj, who graduated at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam with this project. AAmatters was involved in the production of 'L'Batwar’ through Berend van der Lans, who was part of the Editorial Board with Sabine Gimbrère, Wouter Hazelhoff Roelfzema, Abderrahim Kassou, Jaap Schoufour and Wafaa Skalli and contributed to the book with a few texts.

Read the interview on the book with Maria Daif in French here

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