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Hifadhi Zanzibar




2012 - current

AAmatters team

Berend van der Lans

Aurora Kazi Bassett


Hifadhi Zanzibar

Government of Zanzibar

Stadsherstel Amsterdam NV

Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


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Hifadhi Zanzibar is a company that acquires, restores, rents out and manages monumental property in Zanzibar in a sustainable way. The shareholders – all from the local private sector in Zanzibar – receive a modest dividend while the majority of the profits will be used to reinvest in new property.


Hifadhi aims to have an ever-increasing impact on the state of Zanzibar’s built heritage and Stone Town in particular. The built heritage of Zanzibar is of exceptional universal value, making it attractive as tourism destination. Tourism is Zanzibar’s most important driver for economic development, hence crucial for the future of Zanzibar.


Hifadhi Zanzibar is based upon the same principles as Stadsherstel Amsterdam, the monumental real estate management company that operates in Amsterdam since 1956. In over 60 years, they have extended their property to around 450 buildings in the city centre and close to 600 in total. Their operations had a major impact on the regeneration of Amsterdam as a modern and up to date city that is well rooted into its rich history.


Since 2012, a team of local investors has been preparing the start of Hifadhi Zanzibar. The private sector formed a coalition with government-related organisations like Stone Town Conservation and Development Authority, the Department of Urban and Rural Planning and with the Zanzibar Chamber of Commerce to prepare the first steps.


In 2015 the company was formed and registered. Hifadhi has now acquired its first buildings and prepares the building works.


The Board of Directors of Hifadhi Zanzibar is formed by Nassor El-Mahruki, Masoud Salim and Tonino Garau, while the daily management has been provided by Maryam Mansab, Aurora Kazi Bassett and currently by Klaartje Schade and Andrew Anthony. Stadsherstel Amsterdam and in particular Paul Morel is supporting Hifadhi Zanzibar with advice, while African Architecture Matters assists the company on a daily basis, at times on site. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has provided support to make this possible.

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