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Fanjove Lighthouse


Research, Consultancy


2013 - 2017

AAmatters team

Antoni Folkers

Belinda van Buiten

Matteo Comminetti

Alexandra Papadaki


Essential Destinations (Malcolm Ryen and Micol Farina, research and supervision)

Nicola Colangelo (financial support)

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Essential Destinations


#built heritage #research #restoration

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Hifadhi Zanzibar

Fanjove Lighthouse is situated on Fanjove, the outermost island of the Mafia Archipelago, on the southern shores of Tanzania.

The lighthouse was built in 1893 by the German colonial authorities, but abandoned at Independence in 1961. Subsequent decay and vandalization led to the building to become seriously endangered in 2013.


A quick research was carried out in 2013 and some funds were made available in 2016-2017 to carry out the most urgent conservation works.

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