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Antoni Folkers

Our play field is laying between academia and practice, between thinking, talking and doing. It makes us vulnerable but in the end, together with our partners we make things happen that have impact.

architect / co-founder of AAM

Antoni Folkers (1960), is an architect and urban designer. He commenced his professional career as researcher and designer in Ouagadougou before joining the Institute for Tropical Building (IFT) in Starnberg, Germany (1983). He is co-founder of FBW Architects & Engineers (1995) and currently FBW Group Consultant and director of FBW Netherlands. He has been responsible for the design and execution of a wide range of architectural and urbanism projects throughout East Africa and Europe, and is currently involved in various projects in Tanzania as architect, urban planner and researcher.

In 2001, he was co-founder of ArchiAfrika, platform for research and news on African architecture. In 2010, the management of ArchiAfrika was handed over to African network partners. In the same year, Berend van der Lans and Antoni Folkers established African Architecture Matters, active in research, education and activism in the field of African architecture and urbanism .

projects involved

Antoni is involved in most of the projects, therefore it goes too far to mention all of them here. Please see the projects section for an overview. He published a wide range of books and articles architectural subject, amongst which Mtoni Palace, Sultan & Princess of Zanzibar and Modern Architecture in Africa on his 25 years of building and research experience in Africa in 2010.

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