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Modern Architecture in Africa




2005 - 2010

AAmatters team

Antoni Folkers


SUN Architecture

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Inspired by this experiences as an architect and researcher as well as activist in a variety of locations in Africa since 1985, Antoni Folkers published Modern Architecture in Africa in 2010. 

The book sets out to link the worlds of traditional site-specific architecture with the Modernist project in Africa which have been considered in isolation to date. The starting point is to analyse and especially to supplement the position of contemporary African architecture vis-à-vis the Modernist project. The publication thereby offers a unique insight into modern African architecture, which is undeniably influenced by modern European architecture, and at the same time is a natural successor to existing site-specific and traditional architecture. 

The book ranges over the four architectural disciplines; urban planning, building technology, building physics and conservation. There is an introduction with a historical outline and an analysis and comparison of a number of projects. On the basis of examples drawn from practice, the author documents and describes the hybrid architectural forms that have emerged from the confrontation and fusion with (pre)modern Western architecture and urban planning. Folkers narrates in passing the history of African Architecture. 

The research for Modern Architecture in Africa formed the basis of the Phd research completed at the Delft University of Technology in 2010

The book is currently out of print, although a couple can still be obtained via AAmatters. 

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