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alexandra papadaki

Working with AAmatters has given me the opportunity to go beyond conventional means of thinking on my design practice

Executive associate

architect engineer

Alexandra is part of the AAMatter’s executive team supporting day-to-day operations and communications, while helping identify and pursue the most relevant new projects for the organization. She takes account of marketing, acquisition, networking and she is involved in all relevant with her expertise projects of AAMatters. 


Alexandra Papadaki (1985) graduated from the department of Architecture and Engineering at Democritus University of Thrace in Xanthi, Greece (BSc./MSc. 2011) and continued her studies in Design for Sustainable Development at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden (MSc. 2014).

Alexandra is working with AAmatters since 2013, after her master thesis for an architectural insight for the urban metamorphosis of N'gambo in Zanzibar within the department of Urban and Rural Planning (DoURP). She is a partner in FBW Urbanists + Architects, with which she has worked on projects in the Netherlands, Tanzania and Uganda. Alexandra has also collaborated with UNESCO, the World Bank and other international organizations on urban planning, sustainable urban development and community engagement programs. In her free time she is active in advocating for pressing social issues in the fields of architecture and urban planning.

projects involved

Working with AAmatters has given me the opportunity to go beyond conventional means of thinking on my design practice. Sometimes it was intense, some others was challenging, but all of it has been extremely interesting and educational. 

The reason why working with AAmatters has been a unique and enjoyable experience so far is that, we grasp the fact that each project demands a different approach. In great collaboration with the  multidisciplinary and diverse team of AAmatters, we constantly research new and/or redefine known methods and processes along the way to our proposals. 

Ng’ambo Housing Research 

Ng’ambo Tuitakayo

Michenzani Green Corridors

Ng’ambo Atlas

Coen Beeker 

Zanzibar Local Area Plans


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