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Michenzani Green Corridors


Urban planning, community, consultancy



AAmatters team

Antoni Folkers

Alexandra Papadaki



Roland Raderschall

Ruwan Aluvihare

World Bank

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#urban planning #public space #placemaking #green corridor

During the process of the Ng’ambo Tuitakayo project in Zanzibar it became apparent that the development of the Karume and Mlandege Road form a key step into the redevelopment of Ng’ambo – an area that is also designated as the new city centre in the new metropolitan structure plan.


The World Bank recognised the potential as well and made reservations for restructuring these important axes in the area. AAmatters, together with the Department of Urban and Rural Planning from the Government of Zanzibar and the consultants Ruwan Aluvihare and Roland Raderschall, developed a preliminary design that was adopted for further tendering and is now in the process of being prepared for execution.


The project also involved training of the staff of DoURP. 

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