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Uganda Museum ‘Keeping It Modern’ 






AAmatters team

Berend van der Lans

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Uganda National Museum

Adengo Architecture

Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Getty Foundation

Rand Eppich, Cultural Heritage/ Conservation Architecture

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The Uganda National Museum is one of the first purpose-built museums in Africa and one of the first modernist buildings in Kampala. Designed by the German architect Ernst May and built in 1954 it is a highly valued among the local community repository of the country’s cultural heritage. In spite of this the museum has on numerous occasions been threatened with demolition.

​In 2019 the Uganda National Museum was awarded a grant by the Getty Foundation for the production of a conservation management plan as a part of the Keeping It Modern initiative. The project brought together an interdisciplinary and multinational team that was coordinated by the museum team. 

The work on the Conservation Management Plan started with a week-long international workshop attended by young and senior professionals. The workshop combined hands-on training in condition assessment and environmental assessment with seminars on leadership and management. In the period 2020-21 the team worked remotely on the document, meeting regularly online to discuss the progress and important aspects of the management plan. 

​AAmatters was a member of the project team and assisted on the historic research and development of building conservation strategies.

The video produced during the workshop is available here

The Conservation Management Plan can be downloaded from the Getty Foundation Report Library.

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