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The Ng’ambo Atlas @ the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism





AAmatters team

Berend van der Lans

Iga Perzyna

Alexandra Papadaki


Department of Urban and Rural Planning (DoURP) Government of Zanzibar

City of Amsterdam

Space & Matter

Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Seoul


#placemaking #intangible heritage #tangible heritage #urban planning #finding stories #exhibition

In 2019, Zanzibar and the City of Amsterdam were asked to participate in the Seoul Biennale and present their collaborative project on Ng’ambo, well suited for the biennale’s ‘Collective Cities’ theme. The Ng’ambo Atlas produced by the Department of Urban and Rural Planning and AAmatters present the outcomes of the research process underpinning this collaboration and became the starting point for our contribution. 

Together with our partners from Zanzibar and Amsterdam we created an exhibition showcasing the results and the process behind our long-term collaboration. The exhibition was built around the material presented in the Ng’ambo Atlas, with the treasure box, a playful 3D translation of the atlas, as its centrepiece. 

The Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism is a young event attracting large crowds of local audiences next to professionals from all over the world.

The exhibition can be adapted to various spaces and the wealth of material we have collected through the years working in Zanzibar allows us to further expand it, which is what we are doing now. In the Fall of 2020, the exhibition is planned to be presented at the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam.

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Ng'ambo Atlas

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