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North East Unguja Special Area Plan


Urban and rural planning, Consultancy



AAmatters team

Antoni Folkers

Alexandra Papadaki


Department of Urban and Rural Planning (DoURP) Government of Zanzibar

SYKE Finland (client)
Turku University (Finland)

SUZA University (Zanzibar)

Other government departments


#urban planning #rural planning #visions #consultancy #guidelines

Consultancy to the Department of Urban and Rural Planning in Zanzibar for the production of a Special Area Plan for the Northeastern coastal strip and facing marine area on Unguja Island. It is the first time that marine and land planning are being combined in one policy and strategy document.

The plan encompasses some 40 kilometer coastal zone with substantial recent tourist development which has not been developed in conjunction with local social, cultural and natural values. The Special Area Plan envisages plan proposals, policies and strategies to reach an integrated spatial development for this fragile and beautiful landscape.

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