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    Franka van Marrewijk What I enjoy about AAMatters is that they are always trying to push the boundaries regarding contemporary urban development. Their openness towards different forms of designing, creative thinking and finding new ways to express knowledge, is what I believe essential in our future dialogues urban planner & designer Franka van Marrewijk holds a masters’ degree in Urbanism from Delft University of Technology. Her thesis was focussed on Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and critical towards the black and white paradigm of colonial and neo-colonial development in Africa. It aimed at taking a different approach to infrastructure and public space, tapping into the knowledge already existing and developing a spatial strategy and design that is not only in Africa, but that works for Africans. ​ In parallel and after her graduation she has worked with World Bank Tanzania on coordinating a design-and-research studio on upgrading public spaces in Dar es Salaam. ​ These works have led to fruitful connections and a growing interest in (East) African countries. She is now more involved with AAMatters and working on other projects in Africa together with FBW Netherlands. projects involved Makunduchi LAP Mapping exercise on existing and potential cultural spaces in Kigali ​ back to the team overview

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    Uganda Museum ‘Keeping It Modern’ CategorY Consultancy Research ​ Period 2019-2020 ​ AAmatters team Berend van der Lans Iga Perzyna ​ Partners /Collaborators ​ Relevant links Keeping It Modern 2019 - Uganda Museum Project Adengo Architecture Keeping it Modern: 2019 Grants Awarded ​ tags #culture #research #museum Relevant projects Art & Architecture at Work Abattoir Casablanca AAmatters forms part of the project team of the Uganda Museum ‘Keeping It Modern’ project aiming at developing a conservation management plan for the building. Uganda Museum, designed by the German architect Ernst May and built in 1954, is one of the first purpose-built museums in Africa and one of the first modernist buildings in Kampala. The museum is a popular landmark for local residents and international tourists, but its prime location, coupled with real estate development pressures in Kampala and lack of heritage protection laws puts the building under threat. Over time the condition of the building has also suffered from lack of adequate maintenance leading to its gradual deterioration. The project will result in a document that will assist the team at the Uganda Museum in future management and maintenance of the building and minor structural repairs. back to the projects overview

  • African Architecture Education Network | aamatters

    African Architecture Education Network Category Event ​ Period 2012 ​ AAmatters team Antoni Folkers Berend van der Lans ​ Partners /Collaborators ArchiAfrika Aga Khan Award for Architecture ​ Relevant links Modern Ghana article NAi article ​ tags #education #african architecture #collaboration Relevant projects AA newsletters Among the involved architecture schools in the ArchiAfrika network, it was felt that a pan African collaboration among schools would be beneficial for both education and research. Together with the Aga Khan Award for Architecture – the organisation behind one of the largest architecture awards in the world, a meeting was organised in Accra, bringing 14 schools together from across the continent, to discuss common grounds and challenges. A proposal was made for further collaboration. AAmatters supported the organisation of the event as part of their support to ArchiAfrika. During a conference in Accra from 1-3 June 2012, organised by ArchiAfrika and the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, the ArchiAfrika educational network was launched: the fourteen gathered architecture schools from all regions of the African continent decided to work together to develop excellence among the next generation professionals in the African built environment. The parties agreed that strategies to address the challenges in the African built environment should be developed from within the continent, in a cross disciplinary and cross cultural dialogue, including the excelling contemporary architects of Africa in the activities. A committee, existing of Mr. Benabdeljalil and Prof. George Intsiful (KNUST – Ghana), Prof. Aletta Steenkamp (University of Cape Town – South Africa) and Dr. Lawrence Esho (Kenya Polytechnic University College), will elaborate a programme consisting of international lecture series using new technologies, innovative workshops, trainee and summer school programmes for staff and students. African Architecture Matters in the person of Berend van der Lans was supportive to the event in assisting in programming, coordination, communication etc., while Antoni Folkers produced a report for the NAi platform. back to the projects overview

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    The Ng’ambo Atlas @ the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism CategorY , , Research Exhibition Event ​ Period 2019 ​ AAmatters team Berend van der Lans Iga Perzyna Alexandra Papadaki ​ Partners /Collaborators Department of Urban and Rural Planning (DoURP) Government of Zanzibar City of Amsterdam Space & Matter Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Seoul ​ tags #placemaking #intangible heritage #tangible heritage #urban planning #finding stories #exhibition In 2019, Zanzibar and the City of Amsterdam were asked to participate in the Seoul Biennale and present their collaborative project on Ng’ambo, well suited for the biennale’s ‘Collective Cities’ theme. The Ng’ambo Atlas produced by the Department of Urban and Rural Planning and AAmatters present the outcomes of the research process underpinning this collaboration and became the starting point for our contribution. Together with our partners from Zanzibar and Amsterdam we created an exhibition showcasing the results and the process behind our long-term collaboration. The exhibition was built around the material presented in the Ng’ambo Atlas, with the treasure box, a playful 3D translation of the atlas, as its centrepiece. The Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism is a young event attracting large crowds of local audiences next to professionals from all over the world. The can be adapted to various spaces and the wealth of material we have collected through the years working in Zanzibar allows us to further expand it, which is what we are doing now. In the Fall of 2020, the exhibition is planned to be presented at the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam. exhibition Relevant projects Ng'ambo Atlas back to the projects overview

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