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Sarah Benbouazza

architect / urban planner / intern

Architecture, marketing, communication and costs need to work interdependently

Sarah is a student in Architecture and Urbanism. She was born in Morocco and completed her bachelor degree at the National School of Architecture of Nancy in France.

Currently she is involved in an Erasmus exchange and studying at the National Architecture school of Granada in Spain.

During her studies she has done 3 internships in Morocco: ARTEO agency – Taoufik Al Oufir, Atelier d’architecture et d’urbanisme – Nourredine Basset & Beloeuvre construccion company. She also successfully completed her internship in Amsterdam, where she worked with ArchitecturePlus as basis on various projects for AAmatters (for Hifadhi Zanzibar), Stadsherstel and Atelier A1 (on the Sacre Coeur in Casablanca).

projects involved

Lebanon Brothers building

'As a trainee I’ve had the opportunity to work for AAmatters on the Lebanon Brothers building in Stone Town in Zanzibar, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This project was one of the potential first projects for Hifadhi Zanzibar

I have learned how important it is to balance all the aspects of a project, from design to technique to acoustics to economics, and not just the architectural image, as we learn at school. Architecture, marketing, communication and costs need to work interdependently.'

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