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Rachel Jenkins

I am interested in the on-going dialogue of how cities are changing, how cities can learn from each other, how citizens 

interact with cities and who is changing the city.

visual & communication strategies

Rachel has been engaged in steering & driving an ongoing dialogue on African urbanism with various platforms & organisations over the last 8 years. This course commenced with Berend van der Lans and Antoni Folkers in ArchiAfrika in the Netherlands upon completing her Masters at the Design Academy Eindhoven. The collaboration continued with AA Matters, where Rachel participated in projects such as Stars of Dar (Tanzania) and Maputopia (Mozambique) and was responsible for the editing and graphic design of the ArchiAfrika newsletters until December 2012.

Rachel is now based in London, where she has co-founded Ka'ssa, a collective of urban professionals with a common interest in holding a cross-disciplinary discussion on the diverse contents of contemporary urban & cultural life with a view on (and outside) Africa.

She is the founder and Creative Director of genuinefake.

projects involved

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