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Ghana Urban Food Environments under The Netherlands Food Partnership


Research, Community



AAmatters team

Franka van Marrewijk


Netherlands Food Partnership

MDF Ghana

Dorcas Ansah (co-lead, WIEGO)

Ato Kwamina (ACEC)

Benjamin Oforo, Julius-Jayson Botchway and Croden Asare (University of Ghana)

Vincent Linderhof (University of Groningen)

Stephen Adaawen (University of Groningen)

Cecilia Akuley Gyimah (MDF Ghana)

Vanessa Nigten (NFP)

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NFP website

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The Ghanian Urban Food Environments Collective Impact Coalition was launched by a number of engaged professionals from Ghana and the Netherlands, under the stewardship of Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) in 2021. The coalition is represented by a broad range of members including (young) food entrepreneurs, architects, farmers, chefs, nutritionists, government officials, food journalists, agro-ecologists, representatives of market vendors, academics and others. Working collectively, the coalition members collaborate to improve the availability and consumption of healthy diets in Accra, using a food systems approach. NFP works towards boosting transformative approaches for sustainable food systems and healthy diets in low and middle income countries.

AAMatters is part of Action Group Two together with a number of other Ghanaian and Dutch members. The focus area of action group two is on the trading and purchasing environment with Ghanian food markets as focus.These are frequented places with healthy food options available for relatively low prices, but often deal with quite some issues in delivering healthy food and healthy working environment. Action Group 2 selected some of the biggest markets in Accra to carry out their research activities, including Agboblosi and Dome market. By looking at markets from a bottom up perspective our group aimed to enhance market organization and working conditions for improved safety, increased healthy food options and market participation. 


In December 2021 we organized a consultation at the Agbloboshie market and the Dome market in Accra with vendors and market leaders to find out the day to day challenges within their markets. As a next step, a final session with the key stakeholders from the government, sanitation and management officials, market queens and item leaders to discuss the identified issues and work together on practical solutions.


In addition, as part of the Erasmus University Community Project, we supported a parallel student research on market places in the Netherlands to find out the similarities and differences between market places in the Netherlands and Ghana.

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