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Franka van Marrewijk 

What I enjoy about AAMatters is that they are always trying to push the boundaries regarding contemporary urban development. Their openness towards different forms of designing, creative thinking and finding new ways to express knowledge, is what I believe essential in our future dialogues

urban planner & designer

Franka van Marrewijk holds a masters’ degree in Urbanism from Delft University of Technology. Her thesis was focussed on Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and critical towards the black and white paradigm of colonial and neo-colonial development in Africa. It aimed at taking a different approach to infrastructure and public space, tapping into the knowledge already existing and developing a spatial strategy and design that is not only in Africa, but that works for Africans. 

In parallel and after her graduation she has worked with World Bank Tanzania on coordinating a design-and-research studio on upgrading public spaces in Dar es Salaam. 

These works have led to fruitful connections and a growing interest in (East) African countries. She is now more involved with AAMatters and working on other projects in Africa together with FBW Netherlands. 

projects involved

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