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Marloes Hamelink

I am inspired by the social meaning of material and immaterial matters

cultural anthropologist / qualitative researcher

Marloes Hamelink is a cultural anthropologist and works as a researcher on Zanzibar since 2010. She focuses on human interaction in several daily life situations. She is interested in how a community functions and what social implications of material and immaterial matters mean to its user. The themes media, morality, gender and everyday religion inspire her in her work in both anthropology and journalism. She works with qualitative research methods to create a thorough understanding of the research participants.

projects involved

In the Ng’ambo Tuitakayo Project I had the opportunity to work with African Architecture Matters. I was inspired by the lived experience of the neighbourhoods by its inhabitants and the several meanings of intangibles of the buildings and maps. I am excited to continue working on the social aspects of architecture and urban development.

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