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Amélie chauvin

AA Matters’ knowledge, experience and background are extremely valuable. 

Executive associate


Following her early years at the University of Avignon where she studied History, Amélie enrolled in the School of Applied Arts ‘Bellecour’ in Lyon, where she began as an art student but eventually achieving her bachelor degree in Space Design. She, then, entered the Brittany School of Architecture in Rennes, France and received the Diploma of Architecture in 2012. The following years she studied at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, attending the master “Design for Sustainable Development” and graduated as an architect in 2014. For her postgraduate master’s degree, she submitted, along with Alexandra Papadaki, a design proposal for a new form of social housing in Ng’ambo, Zanzibar Town, Tanzania which drew the attention of local authorities and initiated a three-years collaboration with the Department of Urban and Rural Planning (DoURP) of Zanzibar as well as with AAmatters on various projects. Now back in her homeland, she is working as architect at ‘NGA Atelier’ in Corsica, France since April 2017.

projects involved

Amélie’s expertise encompasses architecture, urban planning and graphic design. She has been a part of Ng’ambo Tuitakayo project from its inception, involved also in the organization and coordination of numerous workshops and community consultations. Along with Alexandra Papadaki, she was involved in the graphic design of several national documents such as the National Spatial Development Strategy (NSDS) for Zanzibar and the Chwaka Local Area Plan (LAP). Recently, she has been an active member of the team responsible of the production of the Ng’ambo Local Area Plan both as architect and graphic designer.

'Back in 2014, as a young architect stepping out from the school for the first time, I couldn’t think of a better springboard than collaborating closely with AAmatters’ team. Its knowledge, experience and background are extremely valuable for any architect sensitive to architecture and urbanism in historical cities, emerging cities or megacities wanting to address challenges of complex urban conditions in their work.'

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